Throughout the years a lot of fun activities have been organised. To make all these activities possible the board gets help from several committees. Our committees make that Concorde is a cozy and active association. Committees give members en contributors the possibility to be connected with the association.

ESRV Concorde has the following committees:

Auditing Committee

The auditing committee mainly consists of old treasurers. This committee has the job to give advices to the current treasurer and check if all financial business is going properly. This way mistakes in the bookkeeping can be corrected earlier and the financial matters will be in order all the time. 

Activity Committee

The activity committee is responsible for most of the activities that are organised throughout the year. The activities that are organised can be horse related, think about trail rides and faulting. But the activities can also be non-horse related, like a pubquiz, gala, drink, gamenight and so on. 

Internal Competition Committee

Once or twice a year the equestrians of ESRV Concorde have a competition against each other in the disciplines dressage and jumping. Sometimes there even are other disciplines to compete in. During the internal competition the club champion is determined. Because of the cozy and nice atmosphere during the competition these competition give you the opportunity to try harder test then you would normally. Or maybe jump a little higher. The internal competition gets organized by the activity committee at the moment. They take care of getting a jury, prices and a delicious lunch that traditionally belongs with the internal competition.   

SO Committee

Every year ESRV Concorde organizes a big national competition, this competition is also known as city encounter (SO). Around a 100 participants, supporters and guests come to the stables. To make sure this competition runs smoothly, good planning is needed. As well as a committee that cover all preparations, from getting sponsors, to fixing jury’s, to taking care that everybody gets their dinner, lunch and breakfast. 

Ponycamp Committee

ESRV Concorde has it’s very own ponycamp. Every year this camp takes place between the end of the academic year and the start of the next one. This ponycamp is everything equestrians want at a camp, being around horses all day, horseriding, learning new things and ending the days with a nice get together with a drink.  The ponycamp committee is responsible for organising this Camp and making sure that the camp is lots of fun.


In countries as India and Egypte the life of horses and donkeys is often quite tough. Brooke Hospital for Animals helps animals by giving free veterian help and educating about animal welfare.  ESRV Concorde is a regular Contributor from Brookes Hospital. 

Lustrum Committee

Every 5 years Concorde has a lustrum year. In this year several lustrum activities, including a lustrum competition, are organized. These are usually very special events and the lustrum committee makes sure that these years are remembered and celebrated!

Calendar Committee

The final committee that we have is the calendar committee. This committee is responsible for making our Concorde calendar. In the past few years our calendars have been very successful, and you can find them at various places in the University and Fontys!