Contact the board if you would like to become a sponsor: [email protected].

Becoming a sponsor

As an association, ESRV Concorde has been active in Eindhoven student life for over 10 years. In recent years we have grown considerably to more than 50 members and active donors and our number of members is still increasing. Read here why you would like to become a sponsor of ESRV Concorde and which packages we offer you.

Sponsor our national competition

One of the most important ways in which we highlight our sponsors is our annual national competition, also known as a city meeting. This competition is organized under the supervision of the KNHS-VNS and all student riders from the Netherlands are invited to this competition.

Sponsors at regional level

In addition to the national competition, which is a good way to increase brand awareness on a national level, we also have a number of sponsorship opportunities that focus mainly on Eindhoven. For example, we represent our association every year at the intro of the TU/eFontys and Design Academy.
We also hand out promotional material from our sponsors. Our members and donors often wear club clothing during classes, club activities or events where they represent ESRV Concorde, such as (student) competitions, drinks and the intro.
There is always a spot available on this club outfit for new sponsors.

Have you become interested in sponsoring ESRV Concorde? Contact the board and ask about the possibilities. You can also mail them at [email protected]