General Members Meeting

On the 10th of October the first general members meeting of the year held place. During this meeting the new board consisting of Imke, Susanne and Aïcha was installed. During the meeting the new ideas were discussed in the policy. The most important things out of the policy were:

  • Create an active association, so that we will get to know each other better, while enjoying many (non-)horseback riding activities together!
  • Work at the online functionality of Concorde.
  • Create a plan to smoothen the transfer to a new board in 2020. We aim to better guarantee the continuity of Concorde. Besides, we want to investigate what the maximum number of members of Concorde could be, so that we can focus on the promotion next year.

After the general members meeting we had a nice drink with each other to celebrate the new board.

The new board hopes everyone had a nice time during the meeting and that everyone is excited for the upcoming year!

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