Becoming a member

How can I become a member?

Each student in Eindhoven who has a valid sports card from the SSC can become a member of ESRV Concorde. You can join regardless if you want to be able to ride at a cheap price or because you are looking for a fun society you can join, everyone is welcome. If you have your own horse and are not interested in following lessons, you can become a member to take part in the activities and the national competitions that you can compete in as a student rider. Becoming a member only costs 20 euro (this does not include lessons, you have to pay these separately), and once you are a member you can take part in the lessons, activities, use the van and lots of other benefits.


Why become a member?

The lessons are not the only reason to become a member of ESRV Concorde. Here is a short list of the most attractive points why you should become a member:

  • The cheapest place to do horse riding as a student in Eindhoven.
  • Transport is arranged.
  • Possibility to compete at national student competitions.
  • Fun, social activities together with other people with a passion for horses
  • Reduced price at Brabants Ruiterhuis
  • Reduced price at Hubble Community Cafe

Have we made you curious? Send an email to the board. to join. If you can already ride you can follow a trial lesson. This costs 18.50 euro and then you can have a taste of what it means to be part of ESRV Concorde and then decide if you want to continue. You can also come to the stables without following a lesson to get a clearer picture of the stables and the society.

If you do not have any experience you can sadly not follow a normal lesson as this may be too difficult, but you can email the board for information about the beginnerscourse.