National Competitions

Throughout the year the KNHS-VNS organizes national competitions. These student competitions are also called stedenontmoetingen (SO) or city-meetings. Each student horse rider in Netherlands who is a member of a student riding society can take part in such a competition. Since the horses are provided by the society that organizes the competition you do not have to have your own horse to take part in the national competitions.

To make it easy for everyone to participate, you can also take part in the easiest dressage category after ten or more lessons. However, to also cater for the more advanced riders, you can ride up to a M dressage test. The tests are ridden on unknown horses where you only have limited time to get to know the horse, and this ensures the competition is always exciting and a challenge. To ensure that every rider has an equal chance, you have to draw lots to see which horse you will ride. Each horse is ridden by two or three people and a knock-out system is in place where you are only compared with people who rode the same horse.

The National Competition of ESRV Concorde

Once a year, ESRV Concorde organizes the national competition. Because we have access to numerous talented horses and many facilities we can organize the biggest national competitions for all students in Netherlands. During this competition, all classes of dressage and jumping are offered. This includes the following classes, namely Ba, Bb, La, Lb and M dressage and B and L jumping.

Vereniging Nederlandse Studentenruiters Kampioenschap

This is the Dutch Student-riders Championship Society. Once a year the Vereniging Nederlandse Studentenruiters Kampioenschap (VNSK)

takes place. During all the national competitions that take place during the year, students can earn VNSK-points. During this competitions the three best riders of each category can compete.

ESRV Concorde organized the VNSK during 2012. During this event, ESRV Concorde won the prize of best national team. Besides winning this prestigious prize, ESRV Concorde had the best national B dressage and L dressage rider.

Sponsors SO 2019

On the 9th and 10th of February 2019 SO Concorde took place. The theme of this SO was “Light it up!”.

The SO wouldn’t have been possible without the following sponsors:

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Sponsoren SO 2018

On the 17th and 18th of februari 2018 SO concorde took place. The theme of this SO was “Winter Rodeo!”.

The SO wouldn’t have been possible without the following sponsors:





Bio-Ron “Bio logisch voor dier, plant en bodem”