Besides dressage lessons you can also follow jumping lessons at the stables. ESRV Concorde doesn’t have it’s own jumping lesson at the moment, but this might change in the near future. The Jumping lessons at the stables are every weekend. If you join a lesson your lesson will take place once a month on Saturday morning from 8.45 am till 9.45 am or on Friday evenings from 20.00 till 21.00 pm.

The dressage lessons on Saturday start at 10.00 am, so in this way there is time to move all the jumps before the next lesson starts. However, in the summer this is not necessary as the stables have a special outdoor arena for jumping.

Half-advanced lesson

The half-advanced lesson started as a beginners lesson. By now most members have a bit of experience, but the lesson is available for all members and contributors without jumping experience as long as they have a good dressage basis. The stables have some sweet jumping horses that can help all riders over the jumps.

Advanced lesson

There are advanced lessons for the members and contributors who already have experience with jumping. In this lesson there are many riders who are training young horses to jump well. If you are possess a good basis of jumping you can also join the lesson on a sweet horse that can help you.


For the jumping lesson it is also possible to buy a ten lesson card. This costs 185 euro. Just like the dressage card, you receive 35 euro when your card is full.

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