Internal competition

Every year ESRV Concorde organises and internal competition. This is a competition that is especially meant for all our members and contributors. During this competition everyone can show their talents in both dressage and jumping. At the end of the day there is a club champion of dressage and a club champion of jumping, and they both have the honour of having the champion trophy for a year.

During the competition everyone can ride their weekly horse from the stables. People with their own horse can also take part with their own horse. We often start with jumping where everyone can take part. For people who find this somewhat scary or for beginners, we have a course of 30 or 40 cm. But for those who want to jump higher, the course can be raised to a metre or more. This is followed by dressage where everyone tries to ride a perfect test. Here you can also challenge yourself by riding in a higher category than normal.


Club champion internal competition

Each year for both dressage and jumping there is a club champion. Below are the club champions of the past years.


2015 Maartje Pontier
2014 Lisa Teunissen
2013 Fleur Kuijten
2012 Fleur Kuijten
2011 Fleur Kuijten
2010 Aike Heuvelink
2009 Nandipha Steglich
2008 Ronald Crooy
2007 Kelly Piels


2015 Hans Mahler
2014 Aukje van de Wijdeven
2013 Emmy van Asten
2012 Nandipha Steglich
2011 Fleur Kuijten