History of the association

E.S.R.V. Concorde stands for ‘Eindhovense Studenten RijVereniging Concorde’. This association stands for all students who study in and around Eindhoven and is established at November 3th in 2000. At this page you can read more about the history of ESRV Concorde and how we got the name Concorde; the famous KWPN stallion Concorde who have been bred at our stables; Sonniushof.

Geschiedenis van ESRV Concorde

Our association started at the stables ‘Sonniushof’ with one single lesson every week, namely on Wednesday from 19 ‘o clock until 20 ‘o clock. Currently, Concorde members are still riding in this lesson. However, we have expanded towards several weekly dressage lessons and even one monthly jumping lesson. While Concorde has started with a small group of members, we have grown towards a group of 45 members and approximately 30 contributors. Contributors have been member of Concorde in the past and still enjoy Concorde so much that they still attend our activities and some even kept riding within our lessons.

dekhengst concordeConcorde: where did our name come from?

E.S.R.V. Concorde was named after the famous KWPN stallion who was bred at our stable: Sonniushof. This stallion was born in 1984 as a son of Voltaire and Flyer. Olympic Concorde won with Jos Lansink among other things the Big Price of Nordrhein-Westfalen at Aken. They also became champion of the Netherlands in 1994.

Nowadays, Concorde is mainly known as the producer of many top jumping horses, nationally as well as internationally. Concorde is, for example, the father of two world champions, namely Loncorde and Larone. In 2002 Concorde was nominated as a preferential stallion. During the same year, he earned the title ‘Leading Sire’ in division jumping in America. On February 7th in 2004 Concorde was nominated as KWPN horse of the year 2003.