General information

ESRV Concorde is the sport association for all students in and around Eindhoven with an interest in horses. Our association has been active for around 20 years in the studentlife of Eindhoven. By means of activities, lessons and competitions students can express and share their passion for horses. On this page some general information about ESRV Concorde is found, like the stables, umbrella associations and our connection with the sportcenter. 


ESRV Concorde is affiliated with the Studentensportcenter Eindhoven. This means that students that posses a sports card can become a member of ESRV Concorde. The studentsportcenter gives allowance on lessons, next to this we can also hire the van for transport to the stables.

Manege Sonniushof

SonniushofOur fixed home base  is manege Sonniushof in Son. On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings members of  ESRV Concorde  can participate in dressage lesson with other Concorde members at this stables. On these evenings there is transport available to get to and from the stables.deelnemen aan een. There is also an opportunity to participate in jumping lesson at the stables.

Manege Sonniushof has two inside arena’s, two outside arena’s and a jumping pasture. During winter the group lessons take place inside, but when the weather gets better the lessons are in the outside arena or trail rides take place. The stables is next to the Sonse Heide, a nature reserve existing out of namely forest, but also sand  and moor.

Vereniging Nederlandse Studentenruiters

VNSDe Koninklijke Nederlandse Hippische Sportfederatie – Vereniging Nederlandse Studentenruiters (KNHS-VNS) is het landelijke overkoepelende orgaan voor alle studentenrijverenigingen in Nederland. De KNHS-VNS is onderverdeeld in twee groepen, nationaal en internationaal. Vanuit ESRV Concorde hebben we met name te maken met de nationale kant van de KNHS-VNS. Iedereen die lid is bij ESRV Concorde kan meedoen aan nationale studentenwedstrijden, ook wel stedenontmoetingen (SO) genoemd.

Eindhovense Student Sport Federation

De Eindhovense Studenten Sport Federatie (ESSF) vertegenwoordigt de studentensport in Eindhoven. Als Eindhovense sportvereniging zijn wij bij de ESSF aangesloten. Hierdoor kunnen we bijvoorbeeld onszelf promoten tijdens de introductiedagen van de TU/e, Fontys en Design Academy.