Beginners course

If you want to start horse riding but have no experience, then the beginners course is something for you!! In ten lessons you learn the basics of horse riding. This includes walk, trot, canter and being able to steer your horse by yourself. At the end of the course you have the choice if you want to continue with horse riding or not. If you want to continue, you will have enough experience to be placed in a regular lesson.


We can imagine that as a starting horse rider you do not immediately want to buy all the riding clothes and accessories. Therefore members of the beginners course can borrow some things from ESRV Concorde. We have brushes to clean your horse, and a few hard hats and chaps that you can use. Chaps are leg protectors that you wear over your shoes.

What you do need to watch out for is that you wear a strong pair of long trousers that does not have seams at the inside (this is why we do not advise you to wear jeans). You also have to wear good shoes, the best is to wear shoes without laces but with a small heel. It is not allowed to ride with sport shoes so take this into account. Also try not to wear very loose, or with a large neck line clothes and remove scarves and jewellery. If you have further questions about the type of clothes you can wear you can always email the board.

However, although there are a few things that you can borrow, it is always nicer to have your own materials. Because of this we will make a trip to our sponsor, Brabants Ruiterhuis, so you can buy anything you would like. They also have a nice and cheap beginners set that you can buy.

Tutorial grooming and tacking up

To help you before your first lesson, we have a small tutorial about how you should groom and tack op your horse. This consists of the following parts.

At the moment there is no date known for the next beginnerscourse, the next one will probably be at the start of the next academic year. When this beginners course is scheduled more information will be placed on this page