Through the year, there are lots of activities that are organised by all the different committees. These can be horse related activities such a special outride or trying out a different branch of the the horse-riding sport, such as western riding or side-saddle riding. There are also lots of not-horse related activities such as a barbecue or a games night.

During the year, there are a number of activities that regularly occur. These include the monthly drink, pony camp, a ball and friends day.


Since October 2019 ESRV Concorde has a new main pub, namely Hubble. Every month Concorde members meet here to have a nice drink. At the start of this academic year (2019/2020) We also held a pubquiz here, which was a great success!  As a member of ESRV Concorde you get a reduced price for the drinks at Hubble. The drinks are always lots of fun!


Spending four days at the stables is not only the dream of every Penny-girl but also of many Concorde members. Especially for this we organise ponycamp. You are busy with horses and riding every day, and can make lovely outrides, learn lots of things during dressage lessons and have exciting jumping lessons as well. And naturally each day is ended with a camaraderie, a drink and sometimes even a camp fire.


Each Lustrum year we leave our riding boots in the cupboard and pick out our best shoes instead. We swap our jodphurs for beautiful dresses and suits. This is the time for the Concorde ball. At a stylish location we try to master the latest dance, have a drink with everyone and enjoy a special evening.
Gala activiteit

Friends day

For all of our friends that wonder what is so special about horse riding, we have organized the special friends day. This day is also perfect for our friends that always say horse riding is not a real sport. In a lesson of one hour they get a taste of horse riding, including walk, trot and canter.